Curbside Dresser Makeover

A while back the boyfriend picked up a dresser he saw on the side of the road. It was in good shape structurally but boy oh boy whoever painted this thing did NOT know how to paint. Or they were just extremely lazy. I can’t tell. Please ignore the ugly paneling and the fact that one picture is not in the same orientation as the others. Oops. #SorryNotSorry

Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

First of all that contact paper is dreadfully ugly and it was really dirty. In the second picture you can see that they painted the dresser but obviously didn’t prime or do a second coat. It’s like they got sick of it and never came back. Also it looks like towards the bottom they didn’t want to get paint on whatever surface the dresser was on so they just avoided that part. Third picture. Apparently they didn’t own a screw driver either so they just slopped some paint on the drawer pull and also didn’t look behind the front of the knob to make sure they got it all. COME ON PEOPLE. Now I almost won’t dump on the top of the dresser because I actually like the look of the wood top BUT they very sloppily painted the sides of the dresser.

Now that I’m done being angry, I’ll show you the process of making the awfulness go away.

Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

First I propped the drawers up on random objects, took the drawer pulls off, and sanded the drawers slightly. The front right drawer had a little bubble so of course I peeled it and it ended up being a lot bigger than I expected. But it wasn’t anything a little primer and paint couldn’t fix.

 Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This RentalCurbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

What a huge difference one coat of paint can do!

Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

I also spray painted the knobs, and as you can see I made sure to get every angle. Eventually I plan on replacing these because the one on the very right is chipped in weird ways. Yet another baffling thing about this dresser.

Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

The dresser is being used in my boyfriend’s son’s room and my main motivation for fixing it up was all the hand-me-down clothes piled up in our living room. All the clothes in the dresser are hand-me-downs plus a bunch more hung up in his closet. Holy cow!

Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental Curbside Dresser Makeover | Flip This Rental

First off, if you are wondering what the heck is behind the dresser. It’s a door. I think at one time our “duplex” was a single family home and this was a doorway that led to the basement. In order to make it a duplex they just took the rest of the stairs out and added a door. It’s really strange and there’s not really a way to make it any less strange. *sigh*

Anyway, I couldn’t really get all of the paint off the wood so I got as much as I could. I also used some leftover Restor-A-Finish to hide the scratches and brighten up the wood a little bit.

In the future I would love to paint the drawer fronts and sides red to give it a little pop. I might even change the drawer pulls to Captain America shields to go along with the Avengers theme we’ve got going on. I’m just relieved to have this checked off my to-do list!

Easy Dresser Makeover. It's amazing how far a coat of white paint and a little bit of love will go

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Lauren <3

8 Replies to “Curbside Dresser Makeover”

  1. You fixed it right up. I personally don’t like contact paper due to the sticky residue which actually clings to dust and dirt. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. Honestly I just picked at it until it came off. I couldn’t get all of it. I’ve seen some things on Pinterest about using a heat gun and a scraper for large surfaces. I thought about using a hair dryer on it, but I didn’t try it. Let me know if you do!

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