How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

One of the biggest issues I have had with this house is the exterior. Especially now that most of the big projects are done inside.  It seems like whenever we invite someone new over I always give the disclaimer of “I know the outside is a hideous mess but I promise the inside is completely different”.

First impressions are a huge deal and the curb appeal of this house is giving a seriously bad first impression. If future renters saw a listing of this house and all they saw was the exterior I have no doubt that would seriously limit the pool of potential tenants.

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start
Some very generous photos of what the exterior looks like (taken in the summer)

This spring I want to get serious about bringing in some much-needed curb appeal (I’ve said that before). But, the problem was I had no idea where to start because there are seriously SO many issues. I think this is a common problem, so I wanted to share my process on how to get started. So here it is, how to clean up your yard when you have no idea where to start.


I originally was going to call this step a brainstorm but quickly changed that because I have been brainstorming ideas for like ever. Really this is a brain dump because I’m putting all the crap in my brain down on paper.

To do this step think about all the issues that are going on, anything that you would like to accomplish, and write it down. Write stuff down that you know you won’t get to until years later, and write stuff down that you don’t have a budget for yet. The point is to put your thoughts on the page to realize your overall vision and set goals.

My yard is a yucky mess, but there are also costly cosmetic fixes that I would like to do. I wrote everything down even though some might be unrealistic to accomplish in the short term. And some might not be possible at all due to lack of landlord approval.

During this step I put various amounts of dollar signs next to certain items based on their estimated cost.

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

This is purely a guess on how expensive things are. I did not do any research at this phase on project costs, I will do that later. This simply gives me an idea of when/if I will accomplish these projects and how big of a priority they are.

2. Recognize what is easiest to accomplish, and will make the most impact

After I dumped out all my ideas I starred the projects with the most impact. These are the items I will start with. There’s no point in thinking about painting the house to make it all pretty if there is a yard full of leaves and junk. For this spring I absolutely want to focus on:

  • Cleaning up the leaves and pine needles from the yard and all the “garden beds”
  • Getting rid of the junk in the yard by the garage, by the house, on the porch, etc.
  • Get the village to actually fix the driveway this spring. It’s a serious mud pit over here

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

3. Identify projects that should be done soon but aren’t huge eye sores

These are the kinds of things that are preventing you from adding all the pretty stuff to your yard, or things that are pretty much necessary but aren’t awful to look at. On my list these things include:

  • Make pallet compost bin
  • Kill moss
  • Wash outsides of windows
  • Plant grass seed
  • Power wash: house, porch, garage, and cement
  • Remove rock beds from South and East sides of house
  • Trim trees if needed

Most of the things on this list are pre-cursors to the tasks that I don’t have the budget for yet or need time to get to (the remaining things on the list)

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

4. Research, Planning, and Goal Setting.

This phase is somewhat ongoing and is really where you can get into either a loss of steam or seeing some real progress. Set specific goals that are realistic and have relative deadlines attached to them. This way you will know what to work on when, and you can manage your time between other projects.

Pinterest is what I use the most for research and planning. Once I have my general ideas down I start to look up specifics to see how I am going to do a project. You won’t need to do this for everything you have in mind but it’s helpful when taking on a big project or a project that requires learning a new skill.

One thing I found recently is an article on maintaining dirt roads and driveways. I won’t be able to accomplish it myself but I have a better idea of what the village should be doing to repair our driveway. Basically, the research and planning notes should be a more detailed explanation of the project. This is what my notes for the driveway look like:

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have no Idea Where to Start

This process is something I do for a lot of projects even when I somewhat have an idea of where to start, it doesn’t have to be just for your yard. I feel like this system helps me to make actual progress instead of constantly rethinking the first step and remembering all the projects I want to do.

What do you do to help you accomplish big projects? What do you have planned this season to clean up your yard? Let me know in the comments!

See You Around! (and have fun crossing stuff off your lists) 😀

Lauren <3

How to Clean Up Your Yard When You Have No Idea Where to Start

Household Odds and Ends

Recently I’ve been working on a variety of small projects trying to cross things off the to-do list. However, I haven’t really had the motivation to attack items full force. Another reason I’m working on finishing things up is to get the house into normalcy before tearing it up again.

The biggest thing I’ve been focusing on is the kitchen. I put the window trim back on, caulked the back splash, painted underneath the upper cabinets, painted another shelf in the cabinets, and put up under cabinet lighting.

Household Odds and Ends Household Odds and Ends Household Odds and Ends

Above is the progression of under the cabinets from nasty to crisp and clean. I wanted to repaint before I put up the new lights.

Household Odds and Ends

Household Odds and Ends Household Odds and Ends

I’m proud I finally got these lights up, and with how clean the kitchen is. We haven’t done all the dishes in a LONG time. The lights make it so much easier to see when cooking in the kitchen at night. (Get my stupid Spongebob reference?)

Household Odds and Ends Household Odds and Ends

I also found this list I made a while ago with all the things I wanted to do to the house. The unit we currently live in anyway. The picture on the right is when I went through and checked off everything that I had done. It’s interesting to see how I removed some items from my thought process, and what new items I added. It just goes to show that as projects are completed the vision changes.

After finding this I went and remade the list adding on the tasks for the upstairs unit, and I have yet to make a list for the exterior. I have mentioned some of my ideas in a blog post though I think.

Last but not least I started another small project. One of our upstairs neighbors wanted me to update this little box he has, and make it look a little closer to what I think it was supposed to look like anyway. From what I could find online, these boxes are usually dark

Household Odds and Ends
The neighbor’s box is on the right, and Chris’s is on the left. The hardware on the right box is skeletons and pirate like, and the left box has lion’s heads.

I will make a separate post for that project when it’s all done.

Hopefully soon I’ll get an awesome grasp on my time management and go Gung ho on the house projects without getting behind on homework or sleep. That’d be the dream. Spring is coming up fast and I’m getting anxious that I won’t get very many of my winter projects done.

We still haven’t talked to the landlords about buying the property yet. Read: Chris is taking his sweet time setting up a meeting time. Which is holding me back on wanting to start any new house projects. I don’t want to get mid project, be let down, and not finish a project mid chaos. Worst case scenario people.

What have you been putting off? Are you still going full force on new years resolutions/goals? (I’m trying, I really am)

See You Around!

Lauren <3