Labeling Frenzy – 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

It’s really a surprise that I didn’t start an organizing blog because I LOVE anything that has to do with organizing.

Recently, I purchased some labels and chalk markers from VersaChalk, mainly because I was looking for some labels for the set of baking containers I got at Goodwill. Let’s be real though, there is always a good reason to label the crap out of everything.

VersaChalk’s markers come in a set of classic colors which are more pastel, and neon colors. The classic colors come in a set of 10, and the neon colors come in a set of 8. Both colors have either fine tip or bold tip options. I decided on the neon set in fine tip.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

The labels come in round and vintage shapes, and I decided on the vintage shapes because they’re really cute. There are 7 different shapes, and each package comes with 6 sheets for a total of 42 labels. The best part is the labels are reusable, and according to the website – dishwasher safe (if only I had a dishwasher). Another cool thing is that the labels come with a white marker, so you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole pack of markers.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

1. Baking Containers

The first thing I labeled was the baking containers I mentioned. It takes a little bit to get the juices flowing from the marker, but once it’s going the markers write really well.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

I love having these jars because they definitely class up the open cabinets. The labels just add on to the class factor 😉 I think this is one of the most obvious uses for these labels since it’s a mystery what’s in each container without a label.

2. Plastic Drawers

Another area that can always use some labels are bathroom drawers. I labeled all the drawers except for the bottom because it’s kind of a mish-mosh drawer of stuff. I also realized that I need to practice cute cursive writing, and being able to center it. LOL. But I do really like how the blue marker looks with the blue bathroom decor.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

Right now my drawers are a disaster and I definitely have too much stuff, but I just read The Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I’ve started the decluttering process and I’ll be getting to these drawers soon!

Along with my bathroom drawers, I also labeled the plastic drawers in my bedroom for socks, underwear, and bras. Not that these drawers need labels because I’m the only one that gets stuff out of them. But they do look cute! 🙂

3. Leftovers

These also come in handy to label leftover containers in the fridge. If we can’t tell what something is or how old it is, it doesn’t get eaten and sits in the fridge for months until it’s nasty and needs to be thrown out.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

Since the VersaChalk labels are easily removable, slap one on a Tupperware container when putting leftovers in the fridge. Then write what’s in the container, and the date it was prepared.

4. Kid’s Dresser or Toy Box

From what I’ve seen on Pinterest. labeling kids drawers is a great way to teach what items go where. These labels would be perfect for this because many of the labels are big enough to write or draw pictures if your child doesn’t read yet.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

The same idea also applies to toy boxes to help kids see where to put which toys to keep everything organized.

5. Linen Closet Bins

Lastly, I think these labels are really handy for labeling storage in the linen closet so it’s easier for yourself or guests to be able to locate extra items.

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

I haven’t organized in here quite yet, but I will soon! I love how much the green marker matches these bins I got at the dollar store.

And just so you have a comparison of what all the colors look like, here is a shot of some horrible doodles. As basically every single one of my teachers said through school (and still say), “I’m not an artist”

Labeling Frenzy - 5 Uses for VersaChalk Labels

What needs labeling around your house? Can you think of any other creative uses for these fun labels?

P.S. I was not compensated for writing this post in any way. I bought the markers and labels with my own money and I wanted to give a review for anyone who was interested.

See You Around!

Lauren <3

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  1. I love the leftovers idea!! I always end up with the stuff in the fridge for months too. Maybe if I had the labels on it and actually saw the date I would use or get rid of the stuff sooner!!

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